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Crystalyx EHE 22.5kg

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Crystalyx Extra High Energy provides feeding for a successful lambing. It can be used during flushing and tupping, mid-pregnancy feeding and late pregnancy feeding. It can also be used for lambs at weaning time. Flushing and Tupping: Fit ewes are more fertile and produce more lambs. Nutrition during the weeks before mating should ensure that ewes are in the correct body condition by the time they join the ram. Crystalx intakes during tupping averaged 56g per ewe per day. Mid-pregnancy Feeding: Mid-pregnancy feeding should aim to maintain ewe condition or else placental development can be jeopardised. Only 30g of Crystalx Extra High Energy provides the same intake of trace elements as 1/2 lb of compound feed. Late pregnancy Feeding: Feeding Crystalx can delay the need to introduce supplementary feeds. Crystalyx never replaces forage- it complements and balances it. It allows stock to make the best possible use of home-grown feeds. Weaning Lambs: Weaning can be a stressful time for lambs and many can suffer a check in growth and performance even when moved to fresh, clean grazing. This is due, in part, to the loss of the nutrients from the milk. Providing lambs with Extra High Energy after weaning provides all the supplementary nutrients necessary to balance the grass, in a very palatable form.

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