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Covexin 10 50ml


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Covexin 10 is a highly effective, low dose broad-spectrum vaccine that will protect both cattle and sheep from clostridial diseases like blackleg, pulpy kidney, braxy, black disease, as well as other conditions caused by clostridial bacteria that usually kill the animal once the infection has become established.

For active immunisation of sheep and cattle from two weeks of age. Effective against clostridial diseases, backleg, braxy, pulpy kidney and tetanus.
Use on:
Sheep and cattle
From two weeks old
Sheep and lambs: 1ml.
Cattle and calves: 2ml.
Primary vaccination: two doses should be adminsitered 4-6 weeks apart followed by an annual booster.
Booster: single dose at 6-12 month intervals.
Recommended subcutaneous injection in the loose skin on the side of the neck.
Shake bottle well before withdrawing any of the solution.
Syringes and needles should be sterile before use and injection should be made through area of clean, dry skin taking precautions against contamination.
Milk: zero days
Meat: zero days


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