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Cortaflex Powder 908g


VAT Exempt

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Cortaflex is the worlds best selling over-the-counter joint supplement for horses. Wear and tear to the joints is a normal function and will occur naturally with age, but the domestication of the horse can increase the stresses on the joints resulting in joint related diseases being the biggest cause of lameness and the most common reason for a horse to come out of work. Constant pounding on artificial, hard or heavy ground is very demanding on joints – even hacking can cause abnormal wear and tear, metal shoes increase concussion and confinements of stables increases pressure. Feeding a proven joint supplement can help to redress the balance and support healthy joints. Chondroitin and Glucosamine are produced naturally by the body and aid in repair and maintenance of the joint tissue. Joint cartilage is not directly connected to any blood vessels so, all of the nutrients that the cartilage needs for good health have to be small enough to pass through cellular walls to benefit the joint tissue. Cortaflex was formulated around the theory that smaller molecules are more likely to be absorbed through cell