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Concrete Bunker Wall


Concrete Bunker Walls Key Benefits

  • Bunker Walls are double load bearing.
  • Ease of repositioning as Bunker Walls have forklift recesses incorporated into the base.
  • This ease of movement creates versatility, allowing you to change the size of bays in line with business demands or crop yields.
  • Bunker Walls unique curve design was developed to allow the free flow of material to the very bottom of the silo.
  • Narrow base thus minimizing the Bunker Walls footprint.
  • Walls up to 3.0m (10’) do not need to be bolted down when retaining material which has a density of less than 12kn/m3. This includes grain, solid fuels, recycling materials, wood chip, potatoes etc.
  • A heavier profile wall is available for retaining silage in both 2.4m (8’) and 3.0m (10’) heights.  These will need to be bolted to a suitably reinforced slab.
  • Corner units for the Bunker Walls are also available.
  • Bunker Walls are available in heights ranging from 1500mm (5′) to 4300mm (14′) as detailed below

Concrete Bunker Walls Applications

  • Grain
  • Woodchip
  • Potatoes
  • Recycling materials
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Salt


  • Apples / Food Stuffs
  • Solid fuel
  • Wood
  • Silage (if bolted down)
  • Emergency Exit Tunnel
  • In conjunction with Zapshelter for temporary cover

Additional information

Weight30 kg