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Combinex Sheep 0.8L


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Combinex Oral Suspension is given as an oral drench and is suitable for use through most types of drenching gun. Shake container thoroughly before use and use undiluted product from the original container. Clean drenching equipment before and after use. Recommended dose rate is 1 ml Combinex Oral Suspension per 5 kg bodyweight, equivalent to 7.5 mg levamisole hydrochloride/kg bodyweight and 10 mg triclabendazole/kg bodyweight. Examples: 10 kg 2 ml 11 – 15 kg 3 ml 16-20 kg 4 ml 21-30 kg 6 ml 31-40 kg 8 ml 41-50 kg 10 ml 51-60 kg 12 ml and so on Bodyweight should be assessed accurately before calculating the dose. The product is for oral administration using a suitably calibrated dosing gun. The container should be shaken thoroughly before use. Drenching equipment should be cleaned before and after use. If animals are to be treated collectively rather than individually, they should be grouped according to their bodyweight and dosed accordingly, in order to avoid under- or overdosing. The timing for treatment should be based on epidemiological factors and should be customised for each individual farm. As with other anthelmintics, veterinary or SQP advice should be sought on appropriate dosing programmes and stock management to achieve adequate parasite control and reduce the likelihood of resistance developing.

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