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Closiver Sheep Injection 250ml

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The addition of closantel (a flukicide which is highly effective against adult and late immature fluke) is also effective against triclabendazole resistant fluke, an issue that is becoming more prevalent throughout the country. DOSING METHODS Closiver Injection for Sheep is administered subcutaneously in the neck at a dose rate of 1ml/25kg. According to the company, Closiver Injection for Sheep is “the ideal product for ewes at lambing, use on bought in stock, at tupping and it is also safe for use in lambs during the season”. Injection ensures that each animal receives the full volume of an exact amount of a dose with the added advantage of the animal not spitting out the dose. Delivered at body temperature, it is less stress on the treated sheep, starts to work quickly and has better bioavailability. In addition, Closiver Injection for Sheep has a short meat withdrawal period of just 28 days.


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