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Clik Extra Pour On 5L


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CLiK EXTRA is a ready-to-use formula containing the active ingredient, dicyclanil, for the prevention of blowfly strike, providing 19 weeks protection.

As an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), CLiK EXTRA stops blowfly larvae developing to the damaging second and third stage maggots, which causes flystrike.

CLiK EXTRA contains FleeceBind™ technology which ensures the formulation spreads and binds to the lanolin, providing full fleece* protection. (*Spreads to areas covered by fleece, other areas may not be protected, including the feet)

CLiK EXTRA should be applied with a manual or automatic dosing gun (e.g. CLiK Pour-on gun), with a fan spray nozzle, which will ensure the correct spreading of the product on the fleece.

Best results will be achieved by holding the gun approximately 45cm from the sheep during application.

Apply as a fan spray along the spine of the animal in a band at least 10cm wide from the middle of the shoulders and in an arc around the crutch and tail (see diagram on label).

Half the dose should be applied along the spine with the remainder over the tail and crutch area.

When applying the product, the 4-stroke application method is recommended, applying the total required dose one quarter at a time: one quarter from mid-shoulders to middle of back; one quarter from middle of back to top of tail; one quarter to one side of animal’s tail and crutch; one quarter to other side of animal’s tail and crutch.





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