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Chudleys Rabbit Royale 3kg


VAT Exempt

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  • Best-selling complete muesli, ideal for growing & adult rabbits
  • Tasty wholesome mix of pellets, cereals & forage
  • With added herbs and vegetables for an appetising aroma
  • Good levels of beneficial fibre (32%) and prebiotics to help support digestive health
  • Feed in addition to clean, dust free long fibre such as hay to a happy healthy rabbit
Life stage   Daily requirement (g)
Growing (up to 1 year of age)   Free choice, typically 100-120g
Adult Maintenance   25g/kg bodyweight
Lactating   75g/kg bodyweight

Further information can be found on the bag but always ensure that clean fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Grass, Oatfeed, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Alfalfa, Wheatfeed, Maize, Dehulled soya bean, Glucose, Peas, Carrot, Unmolassed beet pulp (6% total vegetables), Straw, Marigolds, Dicalcium phosphate, Mint, Rape oil, Nettle (2% total herbs), Mannan oligosaccharides (0.1%), Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosemary, Rosehip, Pomegranate.

Analytical Constituents:

  • Protein 12%
  • Fat Content 2.5%
  • Crude Fibres 14%
  • Crude Ash 6%



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Weight3.5 kg