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Cargill NeoMilk® Boost Calf Milk Replacer 20kg

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NeoMilk® follow-on milk

Heifer rearing is the second largest expense after feed for a milking cow herd and the pre-weaning period is the most expensive period of heifer rearing. Poor health in the pre-weaning period (e.g. scour and respiratory disease) have both short-term and long-term consequences on performance and rumen development in this period is also key.

Therefore, optimal nutrition, management and environment at the start of a calf’s life are essential to promote health and well-being and to enable the calf to grow and develop at the herd’s target rates. The diet should encourage solid feed intake for rumen development and a smooth transition to the post-weaning phase. Combined with management and the environment, all of this will ensure that the calf is set up for a productive life.

NeoMilk® follow-on milk is formulated with the latest research in calf nutrition and innovative technologies supporting farmers to maximise calf development by shaping the gut for optimal nutrient absorption, fuelling protein into muscle and frame, and unleashing the genetic potential by supporting immune function and digestive health.

NeoMilk follow-on milk range has been designed utilising the expertise of Cargill Animal Nutrition, resulting in:

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