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Bliss Basic Bedding


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Premium quality – Economical value Bliss Basic is the same premium quality chopped and dust extracted rape straw but without added essential oils – to save you money.

Dust extracted Treated with Trus-STEED Stable Guard disinfectant Bliss Basic is packaged in recyclable bags Bale net weight approximately 20kg

Biodegrades on muckheap in around 6 months.

Bliss Bedding is easy to handle, with little waste saving you time and money. We recommend the following advice to lay a bed in a 12ft x 12ft stable:

  • Ensure you stable is clean and dry before laying a new bed
  • Use 6 bales to lay an initial deep comfortable bed
  • Use a shavings fork to set a firm level bed with banks
  • Skip out daily but leave the wet Bliss absorbs liquid, clumps together and sinks to the bottom of the bed Leaving the top layer dry and warm
  • Take back the top layer of bedding once a week and remove wet patches
  • Add one bale per week for maintenance


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Weight20 kg