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Biodry Disinfectant 20kg


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BIODRY is a proven and tested, microgranular disinfectant with a pleasant citrus fragrance, based on a calcium complex which is low dust, pH neutral, safe on skin and does not cake in the bag. BIODRY will reduce the challenge from infectious pathogens which may cause mastitis, bad feet, enteric and respiratory disorders as well as many other diseases. BIODRY is an effective slow release disinfectant which controls many food spoilage and infectious organisms in bedding, cubicles, horse boxes, nest boxes, lambing and farrowing pens, kennels and cages. It is particularly effective for drying feet and avoiding the consequences of standing in muck and wet conditions. BIODRY is entirely safe on teats, paws and all skin and is harmless if pecked or ingested by animals. BIODRY is effective against staphs, streps, clostridia, campylobacter, aspergillus and has been proven effective by extensive trials against salmonella and coliforms, as well as those bacteria which generate foul smelling and harmful sulphur and ammonia compound. Suitable for dairy and beef cattle. Ideal for use in lambing pens and poultry pens.

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