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Beet Pulp Shreds 20kg


VAT Exempt

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A mainstay of British livestock feeding since the 1920s, Trident sugar beet feed is the most effective source of digestible fibre-based energy available for ruminants, horses and ponies*. Supplied as a robust dry pellet (in bulk or bagged), as dry shreds or as a moist feed, there’s a Trident sugar beet feed to suit every feeding system, from simple feeding out in troughs to mixer wagons and mechanical in-parlour and out-of-parlour feeders. High levels of palatability will drive feed intakes, whilst the slowly available energy helps buffer against digestive upsets in high-starch diets, leading to improved feed conversion efficiency and increased animal performance. It’s the ideal feed on which to base simple, ‘rumen-friendly’ mixes for sheep, lambs or youngstock, and a key ingredient in high digestible-fibre blends and high performance beef and dairy rations. Metabolisable Energy Crude Protein Neutral Detergent Fibre (MJ ME/kg DM) (% of DM) (% of DM) 12.5 – 13.0 8.2 – 10.5 32 – 43 Digestible fibre – buffers against acidosis, the ideal partner to high-starch feeds. Highly palatable – drives growth and performance by increasing feed intakes. Low protein – complements higher protein, low-fibre feeds like cereals and low-fibre forages. Energy supply – slowly available digestible fibre balances energy supply for optimum digestion. Allows energy intakes to be maximised without increasing the risk of acidosis associated with cereal feeding.

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