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Agrimin All Trace Bolus 10 Dose


VAT Exempt

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A sustained release bolus containing six trace elements and three vitamins. Designed for grazing or forage fed livestock with a liveweight over 150 kg.

ALL-TRACE® CATTLE helps farmers manage the trace element status of their herd over critical periods of the production cycle.


  • Optimise growth rates in youngstock
  • Easier, cleaner calvings
  • Strong, healthy calves
  • Reduced calving spread
  • Optimise conception rates
  • Optimise general condition
  • Both boluses applied in one single, simple application
  • Full range of trace elements
  • Active life of 240 days



ALL-TRACE® CATTLE  has been tested in numerous trials throughout the world and many of the results have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Trial work has shown the following:

  • Maintenance of blood copper, selenium and cobalt levels during the active life of the product
  • Very low blood levels rectified from approx. 6 weeks after administration of boluses
  • Reduced calving spread and better calving performance

To access our trial data please visit our secure zone



Administer two boluses per animal.  We advise a minimum weight of 200 kg in larger continental breeds.

Always use the recommended Agrimin cattle bolus applicator A.  Both boluses can be inserted into the bolus applicator at the same time so that only one application is required.  This saves time and makes administration much easier.

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